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At a recent teaming event hosted by Informatics Ventures and Eden Scott, my fellow Non-Executive Director panel member, Brian Scouler, provided us with the brilliant term “Awkward Friend” to describe the role of an NED teamed up with a start-up. The "Awkward Friend" is there to challenge, be constructive, lend value and ask the daft questions.


The role of an NED or advisor differs from that of an Interim Manager and the IOD provide some useful information


Many emerging businesses may not yet have formed a board and may only do so when the time feels right or there is external investment and a requirement for fiduciary oversight and governance. In Engineering and Technology companies there is sometimes still the need for an advisor to help with strategy development, assessing business the model, technology verification and commercial risk management, whether of not there is a formal board in place.


Steven has extensive battle scars and experience working at Board level in Engineering & technology companies as well as hands-on experience in Commercialisation, Project and Operations Management, setting up manufacturing and test facilities, executing verification/trials, IP due diligence and R&D Management and can pass on lessons learned and provide advice .

In addition, when the time is right, Steven can help set-up a board, ensure there is balance for informed decision making and the structure is in place for robust commercial risk management.

The needs of your business will depend on its age, construction, ambition and the internal resources available.

In summary, Steven can provide support in the following area's:

Steven Moore - NED panel

Panel of Non-Executive Directors at the Teaming with start-up's event, hosted by Informatics ventures and Eden Scott in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Steven Moore - Teaming with start-up's

Steven working with Dr Brian Miller of uFraction8 on the growth potential of particle separation for enhanced filtration.


Steven has extensive experience in Operational Management with SME's, especially with Engineering and Manufacturing companies.

Strategy: Context analysis, technology assessment, building strategic relationships, contributing to the development of strategy and developing robust business and operational models.

Performance: Implement and monitor a performance management system to meet agreed goals and objectives.

Risk: Help secure funding or investment, ensuring that financial information is accurate and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible.

People: Providing advice and act as a sounding board for both Managers and board members.


Steven will be working with the OGTC supporting as a mentor for the next Tech-X Cohort in August 2020.

TechX is a unique proposition – providing expertise and support as both a technology accelerator and incubator for start-ups looking to enter the oil and gas industry.



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