Bary Mole is a consultant who worked wit

Barry Mole, Independent Consultant

"Steven is a forward thinking and pro-active people manager who consistently challenges both himself and the team that he leads. Highly specialised and technically adept, Steven has been a joy to work with, open to suggestions and taking them forward and making them his own. I would strongly recommend Steven to those people keen to work with a Director who will develop both the business and the key individuals that are asked to support it."

Euan Gibbons is the Engineering Director

Euan Gibbons , Engineering Director,


"Throughout my time working with Steven, he has proven to be very competent, reliable, quick learning and inquisitive. I’ve enjoyed working with Steven as part of the team at Pipelines2Data as he is very easy to work with, brings detail, provides clarity and always puts the needs of the company first." 

Wendy Anderson is an Organisational Deve

Wendy Anderson, Organisational & Developmental specialist

"I have worked with Steven for a number of years as part of the Management Team at PCT, and as his role developed in to his current one on the Senior Management Team. Steven demonstrates a highly pragmatic approach to delivery, and has shown real flexibility in his approaches as his role has developed through operations to a more commercial focus. He instinctively knows when to ask for advice and implements without fault while never being afraid to add the 'what if' question. He is a direct and pleasant communicator, with a clear outcomes driven approach, and have no doubt he has a lot more to offer in the future as he continues to develop."

Ian Edwards recommends Steven Moore for

Ian Edwards, R&D Manager 

Subsea 7

"Steve, is a very competent engineer and manager, good on detail and very determined. Steve is also very easy to get on with and has good sense of humour and a "dry" wit. In the right circumstances I'd hire Steve again."

Nigel Money worked with Steven Moore whi

Nigel Money, CTO WiSub AS

"Steven has proven himself to be helpful, supportive and insightful. Fitting seamlessly into the team at P2D, he quickly engaged with both internal operations and clients. A highly capable Engineer and Project Manager, he successfully delivered technically challenging programmes whist also working with the CEO to help win more clients and contracts. In addition, he worked closely with me on some strategic development projects. Steven had a positive impact on P2D and I would highly recommend Steven for a senior role where his talents can be further harnessed."

Keith Mayne worked with Steven Moore at

Keith Mayne, Technical Director, PCT

"Steve is both likeable and personable but above all he’s an Engineer as well as Commercial Manager. He will quickly grasp the in-depth Scientific, Technical and Engineering considerations and combine them with his business acumen to make sound commercial judgements to the benefit of the company and in his work with me on developing our Technology Strategy."


Iain Kennedy, Phoenix Associates

"Steven is a true professional: highly principled, totally dependable, very competent in everything he undertakes, and is committed to doing the right thing at all times. I rarely come across individuals who are as agile in their thinking, can stretch the spectrum of business functions, and be able to both delve into forensic detail whilst quickly shifting gear to focus on strategic development and higher objectives. I would recommend Steven to organisations who are looking for someone capable of contributing across a broad front at a senior level. Those organisations can be comfortable in the knowledge that when required, Steven will be among the first to roll up his sleeves at the coal face."