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Author: Go4Venture Hub

Published: April 2017

Download: http://lincscot.co.uk/european-scaleup-index-report-3/


Author: HMRC

Published: October 2016

Download: Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme in the financial year 2014-15


Author: The Scottish Government

Published: October 2016

Download: Enterprise & Skills Review: Report on Phase 1


Author: Scottish Enterprise/YCF

Published: December 2015

Download: The Risk Capital Market in Scotland 2014


Author: Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship

Published: October 2015

Download: Archangels: Impact evaluation of activites 


Author: GEM Scotland

Published: September 2015

Download: GEM Report


Author: European Commisson

Published: September 2015

Download: CMU Action Plan 


Author: Social Investment Scotland

Published: September 2015

Download: Social Impact Report 2015


Author: The Royal Society of Edinburgh Advice Paper

Published: August 2015

Download: The Royal Society of Edinburgh Advice Paper


Author: The Scottish Government

Published: September 2015

Download: The Market for SME Finance in Scotland


Author: CB Insights

Published: February 2015

Download: The 2014 U.S. Corporate Venture Capital Year in Review


Author: Enterprise Research Centre

Published: January 2015

Download: A Nation of Angels


Author: Silicon Valley Bank

Published: July 2014

Download: Innovation Economy Outlook UK


Author: Scottish Enterprise

Published: June 2014

Download: The role of acquisitions in company growth 


Author: REAP Scotland Team

Published: June 2014

Download: Increasing Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship in Scotland


Author: The Royal Society of Edinburgh

Published: June 2014

Download: Advice Paper 14-06


Author: Jonathan Levie

Published: June 2014

Download: GEM Scotland 2013 Report


Author: World Bank/Kauffman Foundation

Published: April 2014

Download: Creating Angel Investor Groups


Author: NACO

Published: September 2013

Download: Report on Angel Investing in Canada


Author: Colin Mason, Tiago Botelho & Richard Harrison

Published: August 2013

Download: The Transformation of the Business Angel Market: Evidence from Scotland


Author: Twintangibles

Published: July 2013

Download: Crowdfunding – The Scottish Perspective


Author: Jonathan Levie

Published: June 2013

Download: GEM Scotland 2012 report


Author: Scottish Government

Published: May 2013

Download: Sustainable, Responsible Banking: A Strategy for Scotland


Author: Scottish Investment Bank

Published: January 2013

Download: Annual Review 2011/2012


Author: Scottish Enterprise/ Scottish Investment Bank/ Young Company Finance

Published: December 2012

Download: The Risk Capital Market in Scotland 2009-2011


Author: The Royal Society of Edinburgh

Published: October 2012

Download: The Financing of Business Innovation in Scotland



Author: Bill Payne

Published: October 2012

Download: Angel Group Valuation Survey


Author: Stefan Genet, Aberdeen University (Undergraduate Dissertation)

Published: August 2012

Download: A Review of Recent Developments in Scotland’s Early Stage Funding Market


Authors: Liam Collins & Yannis Pierrakis

Published: July 2012

Download: The Venture Capital – Crowdfunding Equity Investment into Business


Authors: Diane Mulcahy, Bill Weeks & Harold S. Bradley

Published: May 2012

Download: Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation – ‘We have met the enemy…and he is us’


Author:  OECD

Published: December 2011

Download:  Financing High Growth Firms – The Role of Angel Investors


Author: Daniel Lee Smith

Published:July 2011

Download: Support Programs for Young Entrepreneurs


Authors:  Nicola J. Dee, Finbarr Livesey, David Gill, Tim Minshall

Published: September 2011

Download: Incubation For Growth


Authors: Colin M Mason  & Richard T Harrison

Published: May 2011

Download: Annual Report on the Business Angel Market in the UK 2009/2010



Author:  Department for Business Innovation & Skills

Published: July 2010

Download: Financing a Private Sector Recovery


Authors:  Colin M Mason and Richard T Harrison

Published: June 2010

Download: Annual Report On The Business Angel Market In The United Kingdom : 2008/09


Authors: URS, Colin Mason, Lynton Jones and Stephen Wells

Published: March 2010

Download: The City’s Role in Providing for the Public Equity Financing Needs of UK SMEs.


Authors: Stuart Paul and Geoff Whittam

Published: January 2010

Download: Business angel syndicates in Scotland – an exploratory study of gatekeepers


Author: National Audit Office

Published: December 2009

Download:  Venture Capital Support to Small Businesses


Author: Chris Rowlands

Published: November 2009

Download: The Provision of Growth Capital to UK Small and Medium Sized Enterprises


Author:  Consulting group led by Targeting Innovation

Published: November 2009

Download: The Risk Capital Market in Scotland 2008

The Risk Capital Market in Scotland 2008 – Executive Summary


Author: NESTA

Published: October 2009

Download: The Vital 6 per cent – How high growth innovative businesses generate prosperity & jobs



Published: September 2009

Download: From Funding Gaps to Thin Markets. UK Government Support for Early Stage Venture Capital


Author:  Professor Robert E Wiltbank, Ph.D. (Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Willamette University).

Published: May 2009

Download: Angel Investor Performance & Strategy Data from the U.S. and U.K.


Authors:  Dr Keith Johnston, Malcolm Greig and Professor Richard Harrison.

Published: September 2008

Download: The Risk Capital Market in Scotland 2005 – 2007


Authors: Yannis Pierrakis (Investments Research Manager at NESTA) and Colin Mason (Professor of Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde University)

Published: September 2008

Download: Shifting sands: The changing nature of the early-stage venture capital market in the UK


Authors: Scott Shane, Ph.D

Published: September 2008

Download: The Importance of Angel Investing in Financing the Growth of Entrepreneurial Ventures.


Author: Colin M Mason (Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde)

Published: September 2008

Download: Public Policy Support for the Informal Venture Capital Market in Europe: A Critical Review


Authors: Marc Cowling, Peter Bates, Nick Jagger, Gordon Murray (SOBE, University of Exeter)

Published: September 2008

Download:  Study of the impact of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) on company performance


Authors: Niels Bosma, Kent Jones, Erkko Autio and Jonathan Levie

Published: September 2008

Download: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2007 Executive Report