Increasing sales volume and freeing up Owner Manager

The company was experiencing significant growth but was relying on a very small team, principally the Owner Manager to deliver enough sales volume to support the business. This was leading to fatigue and disengagement.



Steven worked with the Owner Manager to decode the sales process and separate into the following categories:


  • Pipeline Management, prospecting and business development

  • Developing Engineering solutions

  • Qualification, pricing and proposals/tenders

  • Sales process management and handover to operations.


The Owner Manager was comfortable in each area but was spending less and less time at the front, value adding end as the volume of proposals had increased as had the need for technical input at handover stage.


As Steven had both a strong technical and commercial background, he created an “engine” within the function. The Owner Manager was released to focus 100% on both front-end business development works and developing the Engineering solutions, which was a key USP of the business. With a minimal technical handover, Steven prepared all proposals, managed the technical handovers to Operations and performed all the contract and risk management requirements. In addition, Steven was sufficiently competent to work with the Operations team to improve both costing and delivery accuracy in proposals.


In addition to the more than doubling of the volume of proposals submitted per month, the Engineering solutions were more developed and resulted in a more secure pipeline or orders, increased client traction and repeat orders. In addition, Steven was able to negotiate more balanced contracts, reducing exposure and protecting IP.

Once the system was established, Steven helped recruit a technically competent Sales Engineer to replace him.