Visual Management



Valmar Group can provide the data you need on a visual platform. These can be referred to as "dashboards" and have been gaining significant traction with organisations seeking to have a "cock-pit" view of their business. These can be incredibly powerful, especially for non-accountants and Managers that quickly need real-time information to spot trends, identify issues and help make informed decisions.


If you use data to help make informed decisions on where to take action, then the accuracy and integrity of the data is crucial.


Several vendors can provide a complete package that could make a difference to your business. However, they can be very expensive, time consuming and a major distraction for the business. In addition, if your Management team don't use the data because it doesn't provide the information they need then you have potentially wasted resources. One option is to implement a simple but robust dashboard, using widely available applications or even test the value by starting with agile platforms such as Excel.


The key element in any implementation is in understanding what information and insights you need to run your business. Keeping things simple, could give your company the visibility it needs. If the business operations aren't producing the metrics and insights you need then the most expensive dashboard available will make little difference. A low risk, staged approach will test your operational data producing capability. Improving this capability could add immediate value and form the foundations for enhanced visibility.


Utilising our experience in multiple functions (finace, operations, engineering R & D, sales, marketing), Valmar can help join the dots and provide visual custom dashboards for your top-level Management, Finance and Operational functions. Click on one of the links below for further information.

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