Creating a Strategic Roadmap with downloadable template

To acquire significant investment it is accepted that a business plan is required. Sometimes these can be very verbose and hard to gain traction within the ranks. As an alternative, consider developing a simple Strategic Roadmap like the one below.

Download the free Excel template 

It's on a simple excel sheet - no expensive software required!

In essence, all you are seeking to achieve is a common understanding of what we're doing, who's doing what and when we expect to complete key objectives. Importantly, there is a section on the purpose (Click here to see an excellent explanation by Simon Sinek). It's important not to confuse the purpose (The why) of the business with the vision.  Solving the worlds energy problem might get you out of bed in the morning but you  need to be pragmatic in your vision on what you want you business to achieve. 

I cannot stress enough that everything within the roadmap must be alignment. If something is off piste, evaluate how it got in and consider its removal. 

What sections are included in the template map:

CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS - what's critical to the success of your business. Top 3 only


CORE BUSINESS OBJECTIVES - Select 4 off key areas and determine up to 5off core objectives within this area.


STRATEGIC AIMS - Select up to 5 aims in each area that are action orientated 


STRATEGIC MEASURES - Determine targets to meet the above aims, remembering to maintain alignment


ACTION PLAN - No limit to actions but the intent is to use this plan in regular meetings so keep it high level and manageable. Do not let this descend into a to list. If "buying a new coffee machine" is on the list then you're missing the point (unless of course you're starting a coffee shop).


FINANACIAL OBJECTIVES - The graphs, charts, DCF analysis have their place but not here. The numbers should be in alignment.


CUSTOMERS - For some businesses this can be 10 -20 and for others it could be 1,000's. The key here is to think about current and target passive, strategic and ad-hoc customers. 


VALUE PROPOSITION - Of course, you'll have this rolling off your tongue by now. if not consider the excellent book by Alex Osterwalder - Value Proposition Design, which can be found here.


DIFFERENTION - How are you plan to differentiate [from the competition] for both existing and future customers. 

You're very welcome to use this template as you fit.

This is an example of a strategic roadma