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Scottish Enterprise is Scotland's main economic development agency and a non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government.

Focusing on growing business, they work with partners in the public and private sectors to identify and exploit the best opportunities to deliver a significant, lasting effect on the Scottish economy.

Thier main website can be found here.

Another useful organisation created to help small companies and start-up's is Informatics Ventures, based on the campus of the University of Edinburgh.

In conjunction with Eden Scott, Steven Moore recently attended a teaming event with Informatics Ventures where my fellow Non-Executive Director panel member, Brian Scouler, provided us with the brilliant term “Awkward Friend” to describe the role of an NED teamed up with a start-up.


The "Awkward Friend" is there to challenge, be constructive, lend value and ask the daft questions.


What value can Valmar Group bring in a Non-Executive Director capacity or advisory role?

The IoD factsheet outlines the main duties of a Non-Executive Director. These tend to be focussed on the needs for governence.


Valmar Group works with small technology centric organisations that tend to demand a more agile and broad service. Depending on the stage of the business, there may be merit in commencing a Non-Executive role in a more advisory board role model. This could help the Non-Executive become more “hands-on” and integrated with the activities of the company as it develops and tests the business model, raises finance, gains traction in the market and recruits key personnel. However, the need for independence should be maintained to help provide an objective viewpoint.

As the business develops, the need for a more formal board is more applicable to help monitor the performance of executive management, especially with regard to the progress made towards achieving the determined company strategy.

The following three areas are viewed by Valmar as area's for consideration as the company grows:

1)    Know the numbers and have a strong financial management system.

2)    As early as practicable, implement a performance management system,

       appropriate for the size of the business.

3)    Focus on the customer and deliver tangible value.

The three main characteristics Valmar will bring:

1.    Credibiity and professionalism.

2.    Broadness of capabillity, interest and passion.

3.    Adaptability and agility.


The needs of your business will depend on its stage in its genesis. Through an open and candid discussion, we could work together to determine a list of the most urgent priorities for your business.

These could be :

Steven Moore - Non Executive Director panel

Panel of Non-Executive Directors at the Teaming with start-up's event, hosted by Informatics ventures and Eden Scott in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Steven Moore - Non Executive Director - Teaming with start-up's

Steven discussing the growth potential of particle separation for enhanced filtration with Dr Brian Miller of uFraction8.

Determining, fine-tuning and testing your business model or pulling the business plan together.

Quantifying your market and promotion.

Technology management (IP management, compliance testing etc.).

Raising finance.

Developing strategic partnerships.

Engaging with key customers.

Gaining sales traction.

Building a core team.

Building a new facility.

Execution, delivery and follow up.

Some useful resources that might help:


How do SMEs use Non Executive Directors?

Aidan Berry Lew Perren, (2001),"The role of non-executive directors in UK SMEs", Journal of Small Business and Enterprise

Reasons and benefits for using Non-Executive Directors, Innovation Centers Scotland Ltd

Additional policy and research that may be useful with regard to growing your business


(All downloads open in a new browser window.)


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