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Pipelines2Data (P2D) Ltd., based in Aberdeen, provide pipeline & pigging support management services to the Oil and Gas industry, worldwide.

Formed in 2007, with an established track record and a reputation for delivering quality, P2D is recognised as the leading provider of “intelligent cleaning” of pipelines and flow assurance technologies. 

Their website can be found by clicking here.
Pipelines2Data - FM visits P2D
Pipelines2Data - FM visits P2D

Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland learns about Data Analysis at Pipelines2Data.

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Pipelines2Data - Nicola Sturgeon
Pipelines2Data - Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland learns about pipeline pigging at Pipelines2Data.

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Pipelines2Data - Performance trials
Pipelines2Data - Performance trials

Pigging performance trials at Pipelines2data.

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Pipelines2Data - FM visits P2D
Pipelines2Data - FM visits P2D

Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland learns about Data Analysis at Pipelines2Data.

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What is pipeline pigging?

Technical Assignments


Some assignments that have been undertaken with industry specialist Pipelines2Data Ltd.


Steven has worked with pipeline condition assessment industry leader Pipelines2Data Ltd, to help them assure they meet the full requirements of their clients. 


The main purpose of the role was to ensure the safe execution, technical performance and effectiveness of pipeline assessment operations. 




  • Develop an agile and action orientated Engineering Assurance Team, consisting of members from different departments to address quality issues and strive for continued improved performance. This initiative positively impacted organisational dynamics through achieving more effective working relationships between Engineering disciplines, R &D and Operations.
    Took control of P2D’s core deliverable, the assessed pipeline data, and significantly improved the usability, accuracy and conformity to industry standards.

  • Supported complex and high risk projects with technical guidance and contractual evaluation & advice.

  • Support the implementation a competency management programme to ensure P2D has competent personnel deployed on all critical activities, mitigating operational risks.

Steven worked with a major Oil & Gas operator who was suffering from major production losses due to a blocked oil production line.


Steven worked with the client to:


  • Develop a solution to un-block the pipeline.

  • Facilitate the work scope through the operator’s stage gate process.

  • Work with Senior Management team to present, explain and discuss methodologies.

  • Work with the in-house Process and Operations Departments to evaluate chosen methodology.

  • Recruit specialist Chemical/process consultant to help facilitate operation.

  • Implement testing and evaluation regime for specialist offshore vendors.

  • Assess offshore infrastructure and advise on required modifications to top-side infrastructure.

  • Produce execution plan and forecasted cost.

Unblocking blocked oil production pipeline
Pipeline assessment and Engineering consultancy

Steven has worked on numerous pipeline condition assessment projects for industry leader Pipelines2Data Ltd.




  • Project Management of major contracts.

  • Developing operational methodologies and procedures for pipeline assessments, 'intelligent cleaning' programmes and remediation projects such as unblocking pipelines.

  • Operational and commercial risk assessment.

  • Detailed run and performance calculations and analysis.

  • Technical assurance throughout design, assembly, deployment and data analysis.

  • Pipeline sizes varied from 12" - 36" both oil & gas.

Operational performance

Steven has worked with pipeline condition assessment industry leader Pipelines2Data Ltd, to help them gain visibility in their operational performance



In the absence of any formal MIS or performance measurement function, Steven implemented a simple, robust and accurate performance measurement function to measure, at a minimum:


  • Tool / 'smart pig' and personnel utilisation & efficiency

  • Cash flow generation form operations

  • Income profile across business units

  • Order book analysis

  • Available capacity

  • In addition, Steven segmented the Projects and operations function into discrete and visible business streams to better identify where profit was being generated or otherwise.


The value to the client of this assignment was the implementation of targeted KPI's, a focussed business development effort and operational forecasting.

Proposals and tendering

Steven has worked with pipeline condition assessment industry leader Pipelines2Data Ltd, to help them both improve their contractual engagement with key clients. 




  • Improve both the technical & contractual integrity of P2D's tenders and proposals. This was achieved through detailed contractual, cost & margin analysis and alignment with technical & operational capability.

  • Prepare detailed tenders pre-qualifications and proposals taking from enquiry through to final negotiation.

  • Help P2D focus on value, not just price.

  • Support P2D in developing their unique value proposition, helping the team align around a common purpose.

  • Successfully pre-qualify P2D for several very discerning International O & G operators.

Technical Assurance
Data Analysis

Critical for P2D’s success, the integrity, accuracy and reliability of the pipeline tool data is crucial. Steven worked with the Engineering and Data Analysis team to improve the data analysis function and the quality of the reporting.


Steven was assigned to:


  • Improve integration between sensor & tool mechanical design, electronic & data acquisition and tool preparation.

  • Improve data analysis processes including data quality checking procedures prior to executing analysis.

  • Align reports with industry standards and guidelines.

  • Help address any anomalies data, determine cause and assess against pipeline detail.

  • Proof read and approve data analysis reports.

  • Initiate an improvement programme for data analysis improvements, such as :

    • Automation of data analysis with potential pattern recognition

    • Support an implementation a colleague’s novel statistical analysis process for rapid data assessment and cleanliness interpretation.

Some customers Steven has worked with while with P2D
Valmar Group