What to consider before hiring an Interim Manager

Before hiring an Interim Manager, it may be worth considering if you have internal resources that can be redeployed.

Calculate what is most cost effective. An Interim Manager will have sufficient experience to get underway fast but will likely leave at some point. Sometimes, it may be better to invest in recruiting a permanent staff member but take into account additional training, engagement and onboarding costs. Interim Managers are likely to require less management oversight.

Consider making a checklist of the skills and attributes the interim needs to possess to get the job done. Do you need someone with specific sector or product knowledge? Or do you need someone who can bring fresh thinking into the business?

Additional points:

  • If using an agency, be very clear when briefing the agent or your contact.


  • Ensure the interim manager understands your needs prior to starting the assignment


  • Agree what you want them to do, with the aims and timescales


  • Hold regular reviews during the assignment to ensure things are on track


  • Ensure your team understands what the interim manager is going to be doing, and especially WHY


  • Explain to your team that this is a temporary role, requiring a specific set of skills or experience. It's potentially someone they can learn from. This will help ensure staff don't feel threatened and inadvertently undermine the interim

  • The interim manager will have a wealth of experience and a valuable external perspective - capitalise on it as quickly as possible


  • Ensure the proper handover / transfer of knowledge from the interim manager to your team at the end of the assignment